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Alarm Clock-2

Alarm Clock

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Product Description:


  • This amazing glow in the dark clock also features a temperature read out.
  • The backlight display features time, date temperature whilst the translucent case glows with 7 different colors.
  • Product information an elegant and useful product for all home and offices desk.
  • The LED color changing digital alarm clock features a glowing LED display in seven changing colors.
  • The glowing clock provides you with the time, day of the week, date (month/day), week and temperature along with eight alarm songs
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  • This color changing Digital Alarmist clock the ideal gift for children and adults.
  • This cool glow in the dark color changing alarm clock / mood lamp also displays a temperature thermometer display.
  • The backlight display provides time, date and temperature, while the translucent case lights with 7 different colors.
  • Be amazed how it gently disappears through the colors of the rainbow.
  • The light function can be set to constantly on to gently lull you to sleep or as a back light option when the unit is pressed


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