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Fitness Walking Dumbbells-5

Fitness Walking Dumbbells


  • Swing Weights are the perfect way to turn a walk into a full body workout without feeling like you’re exercising.
  • Toning your whole body often means targeting each area separately, it takes time and lots of indoor equipment, but the human body uses all our muscle groups to walk or run.
  • By simply walking we are using everything from calves, thighs, quads, abdominal muscles, shoulders and back – everything is finely tuned to allow us to balance upright and it feels so natural, we are not even aware of the muscles working!
  • By simply extending the weight at your extremities, Swing Weights comfortable wrist mounted weights, work your entire body that little bit harder to maintain your natural walking pace.
  • Tone your abs, thighs and back while challenging your inner core muscles to accommodate the additional momentum created by Swing Weights and best of all,
  • you feel like you’re just out for a walk!
  • Now you can burn extra calories with every step, improve your posture and strengthen your core.
  • They’re so easy and comfortable to use, and you can take them anywhere.
  • The comfortable wrist straps leave your hands free to use so, unlike dumb bells, you’re not ‘carrying’ weights around with you.
  • Get a total-body workout without even trying! Take Swing Weights for a walk and walk your way to fitness



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  • Turn your walk into a full body workout
  • Strengthen and tone arms, shoulders and core, all as you walk
  • Unique design creates more resistance vs. regular weights
  • Balanced weight intensifies arm swing for enhanced workout
  • Great to combine with other exercises like walking the dog 


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